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A new tool for creating rich text

I’ve used an earlier version of this in other applications, but now it’s greatly improved and expanded. This is an API for creating rich text, including all the variations of sections, tables, image backgrounds, links, borders… This is an initial 0.1 release, so there will almost certainly be more changes coming, but I need y’all to drive this. Download it, try it out, respond here with questions and suggestions (or send me email or use my contact form). I think it’s pretty useful as is and there’s a lot of documentation in the NSF as well as a ton of code samples showing how to do the fancy stuff. I’m not going to say more about it here because it’s all there in the tool — hoping you find it useful. Download here: Screenshots

Dialog warning of possible solar nova.

Users don’t read your dialogs

You know how you open a dialog to ask for confirmation or additional information, or to warn them what’s about to happen? Yeah. People don’t read that stuff. Here’s what to do about that.

Creating random names for test data

A Notes/Domino application that hasn’t been tested with a large random data set may develop poor performance as it accumulates more data — long after the development team has moved on to other things.

icon for image catalog application

Standardizing image resources across multiple applications

I’ve been working on an application to centralize the management of image resources used in Notes applications. It’s at a stage where I’d like to find people to try it out and provide feedback. There’s a prize involved. The tool is a catalog of image resource design elements, stored in the application. It lets you import/export disk files, or point the catalog at an existing template and tell it to go fetch. It’ll pull in all the image resources, assign them IDs, notice if they’re duplicates of a graphic found in another application and avoid creating duplicate records. Then you can see them in views, including a thumbnail of the image, dimensions, file size, whether it’s an image well. You can assign background color based on the category of an image or override for a… Read More »Standardizing image resources across multiple applications