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For many years, I worked for IBM, then later HCL, on the HCL Notes product (previously IBM Notes, previously Lotus Notes). I developed many techniques and examples of advanced scripting using the built-in languages of the product — formula, LotusScript, Java, and JavaScript.

Though it’s been best known as an email platform, Notes is also excellent for quickly building collaboration applications and specialized databases. I’m no longer working on the product, but continue to receive requests for previously published example code. So I created this website to have a place to point people to, and also to post some thoughts about How to LotusScript Right. I also welcome your questions, though answers are not guaranteed.

Some of this code is my copyright, some provided by arrangement with HCL. Header comments in individual script libraries contain copyright information. For code snippets in blog posts here, unless they contain a copyright statement, don’t worry about giving credit — those are free to reuse or modify.