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Pront Console

A tool for displaying LotusScript debugging messages in a separate window. Details at The Pront statement.

DXLReport Sample

An API for creating rich-text reports for display, storage, or mailing.

Starter App Template

The “Blank” application design is a little too blank. This template adds basic best-practice navigation for the classic two- or three-frame client application main screen.

Fancy dialogbox sample

A Notes database containing a utility library with a function to augment the capabilities of NotesUIWorkspace.Prompt with ability to require an answer, display an icon, or remove the Cancel button, among other things.

Domino error list

A Notes database listing all the Notes/Domino error codes with their symbolic names and text, and a lot of other string resources.

Presentation about CompareDBs

Created for an OpenNTF webinar, this presentation outlines the CompareDBs template of the 12.0.1 server and how it can be used in code reviews and SCCS change tracking.

Design element search

A search form to find design elements in all your databases and templates. Designer already supports a simple text search of DXL, but this is a field-based search with date ranges, search only titles, search only macro code, etc.

R5 RTF Sample

Created for some long ago article, this sample shows how to validate and manipulate Notes rich text in the client front end. It contains code to create tables and edit them a row at a time in a dialog. This is a complex task that I haven’t found a need to do recently, but the Notes client still lacks good capability for this.

MIME Sample

This sample database demonstrates the manipulation of rich text via MIME. Introduced to convert MIME email to rich text for users to read, you can exploit this ability to more easily create rich text on the fly in your applications.

A notable feature of this tool is a form that lets you enter any rich text, convert it to MIME, then automatically generate the LotusScript code that would duplicate that content programmatically.

LSphere 2009 AD219: Application performance

Contains examples of techniques to enhance performance, including date-based views that only update their indexes overnight, ReCache to explicitly renew @Dbfunction caches, and many other things listed in the help documents.

LC LSX Sample: Dick Tracy Crime Files

Primarily an example of how to use the LC LSX API in LotusScript. Also contains code to generate a random list of unique pirate names (“Horrible Agnes Drake”) to create sample data for testing.