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A new tool for creating rich text

I’ve used an earlier version of this in other applications, but now it’s greatly improved and expanded. This is an API for creating rich text, including all the variations of sections, tables, image backgrounds, links, borders…

This is an initial 0.1 release, so there will almost certainly be more changes coming, but I need y’all to drive this. Download it, try it out, respond here with questions and suggestions (or send me email or use my contact form). I think it’s pretty useful as is and there’s a lot of documentation in the NSF as well as a ton of code samples showing how to do the fancy stuff.

I’m not going to say more about it here because it’s all there in the tool — hoping you find it useful.

Download here:


Book covers.

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6 thoughts on “A new tool for creating rich text”

  1. Great tool!

    Just had an issue with the “DXLParDef” Class where the .LineSpacing is definded as Integer, where it (I assume) should be string.

  2. Just another issue I have in the DXLparDef.AddTabStop.
    You have the line:
    newTab = Mid$(“LRDC”, limitRange(tabtype, 0, 3)+1, 1) & validateUnitNoPX(pos, false) & “in”
    What will give an error, since I have to add the “in” myself as parameter (so the newtab variable will end like “inin”.
    I removed the & “in” from the line and now its working.

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