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About Andre Guirard

After a long career in IT, I’ve retired to spend time on fiction writing and art. You can find these projects under my pseudonyms, Tyler Tork and Ollie Hoopoe. Please buy and review my books.

I also write about WordPress website development on The Torknado Project.

I live in Plymouth, Minnesota.


The Deep End

Someone in Marlee’s scheming family is out to get her–but who? To keep her head above water in this shark tank while figuring it out, she must keep them all from suspecting that she has no memory of them, or of this world. Meanwhile she needs to solve a murder mystery in which she’s possibly (let’s face it—probably) the murderer, and escape the rebels who want to execute her.

She has issues of identity to deal with. Her new body is round, brown, lesbian, and evil, none of which she’s happy about. If she’s forced to kill one more person, she might just give up in despair. She’s trying to be good, but nobody’s making it easy.

Fortunately, her maid will help keep the secret, for a price, and unless she gets a better offer. With any luck, and maybe a little help from the gods, Marlee might figure out how to get home before her own plots come crashing down around her.

The Goodnight Agency

When Ruby is forced to live with her oddball Uncle Simon, she can tell at once that something’s weird. She soon learns his secretive agency has a bizarre clientele — tabloid creatures that make her seem normal by comparison.

But when Uncle Simon is arrested, she and her new cadre of friends and minions have to take matters into their own hands to save him, preserve his clients’ secrets, and avoid starting a war.

And if possible, also avoid being eaten by a monster.

Rey and the Magic Amulet

A fantasy for younger readers.

When a talking crow tells you something is magical, it probably is. But how can Rey return the amulet to the wizard who owns it, when she won’t stay in one place long enough for him to catch up?