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Standardizing image resources across multiple applications

I’ve been working on an application to centralize the management of image resources used in Notes applications. It’s at a stage where I’d like to find people to try it out and provide feedback. There’s a prize involved.

The tool is a catalog of image resource design elements, stored in the application. It lets you import/export disk files, or point the catalog at an existing template and tell it to go fetch. It’ll pull in all the image resources, assign them IDs, notice if they’re duplicates of a graphic found in another application and avoid creating duplicate records.

Then you can see them in views, including a thumbnail of the image, dimensions, file size, whether it’s an image well. You can assign background color based on the category of an image or override for a specific image so it shows up well. You can search the text of the images (names, comment etc), categorize them, wash, rinse, and dry.

Screenshot from image catalog application

Each application whose graphics are under management by a particular catalog, will have an associated folder so you can quickly review what images it uses. You can add a graphic to an application by dragging it into that application’s folder.

It’s probably not quite ready for prime time, but I wonder if any of y’all would be interested in trying it out and giving me feedback? I need to know if it does anything bad to the copies of your applications that you try it out on, but also usability, missing features, anything stupid I’ve done, documentation that’s hard to understand, whatever.

One lucky, randomly selected tester who submits comments will receive a copy of The Deep End (by me) — trade paperback or digital, their choice. It really is quite good even if I do say so myself.

To sign up for this golden opportunity, use my contact form, comment here, or send me email.

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