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NotesStream performance

Lars Berntrop-Bos posted a comment concerning the LotusScript NotesStream class and his practice of reading as large a block as he possibly could to optimize performance. I decided to run a test to see how much difference that made. The results are as follows: Block size (bytes) Runtime to read a large file (seconds) 512 10.30 1024 5.09 2048 2.75 4096 1.49 8192 0.86 16384 0.52 32768 0.35 65536 0.26 Each of these cases is doing the same amount of work — reading every byte in the same large binary file. The effect of increasing the block size is dramatic — the largest possible block size was 40 times faster than a 512-byte block. 216 bytes is the upper limit of the NotesStream.Read method, because that’s the maximum number of elements in the array datatype… Read More »NotesStream performance