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Can you please translate?

Ok, it’s my blog so I get to vent. Here is a fact: 80% of text fields on Notes forms would be improved with an input translation formula. This is the best formula for most cases: @Trim(@ReplaceSubstring(@ThisValue; @Char(9):@Newline; ” “)) Rarely do we really want to allow tabs, leading or trailing spaces in a text field. Sometimes newlines, but the formula is easily adjusted to allow that. Of the remaining 20% many are identifiers that shouldn’t contain any whitespace. @ReplaceSubstring(@ThisValue; @Char(9):@Newline:” “; “”) I’m working on a tool called The Developer’s Friend that contains, among other things, some database design reports and fixup tools. I think I’ll add one to list the input translations for all fields so you can easily scan down the list and find ones that need something more than the nothing… Read More »Can you please translate?