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New download: Domino error list

Also available on the Downloads page, this is a Notes database containing a list of Notes/Domino error messages and their corresponding number codes and symbolic names, and other string resources ditto, compiled from scanning the header files in the Notes/Domino source pack. I’ve found it useful in figuring out the meanings of odd status codes returned by APIs with no corresponding text.

Posted presentation on CompareDBs

I gave a presentation about CompareDBs, the new template in 12.0.1 Domino server, for a recent OpenNTF webinar. The slides for that — with their attached notes — are a reasonably good summary of what the tool is good for, so I decided to post them here. This is also available on the Downloads page. The tool was developed for internal use at HCL, because we were getting too many unintended changes in our Notes templates and needed a way to do code reviews and know we were seeing all the functional differences — and filter out the nonfunctional differences such as last-accessed timestamps. It’s also designed to store difference reports and link them to SCCS submissions (e.g. in GIT). I’m curious to know what other tools people are using to track changes and conduct… Read More »Posted presentation on CompareDBs