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Read Attachment Files without Writing to Disk

Someone sent me a link to this “domino idea” asking for the ability to read file data from attachments in Notes documents without “extracting the file” to disk, since ECLs might not always let you do that. I never like to say there’s no way to do that, so the question prompted me to create an answer. This code uses DXL — it exports the document, then searches the exported data for the file data objects, which are encoded in base64. Fortunately it’s just the plain file data without CD record headers or the like, so it’s easy to convert to a NotesStream containing the raw data — or to interpret that data as text in a specified character set. Specification The AttachmentReader class has the following properties and methods: A single attachment is represented… Read More »Read Attachment Files without Writing to Disk

Coding for translatability in Domino

This is partly for organization which, like HCL, use Domino Global Workbench to do translations of their Notes/Domino applications. But also, even if you do translations manually, or even if you don’t do them at all, it makes sense to learn good habits for creating applications in a way that makes translations simple, because it’s not that hard and you never know. Rationale Your applications are more valuable if they’re capable of being translated. It’s also easier to maintain the user-facing text of an application, even if it’s not translated, when such texts are stored in a predictable way. Errors in translation can be hard to catch, because the testers generally either don’t speak all the targeted languages, or else they speak the language but don’t know how the application works in its original language.… Read More »Coding for translatability in Domino