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String Functions Performance Considerations

I’ve been doing some tests and I see Instr$ in LotusScript is still a lot slower when you start searching in the middle of the string. I wrote an SPR about this sometime back. The same is true of Mid$ – I wrote a timing test that uses Mid$ to get the 1st character of a string as opposed to the 27000th. The latter takes much longer, and I don’t understand why. According to the help docs it’s two bytes per character, so it should be trivial to determine the location of a character from its number position. Timing test results What’s going on here? How can it take so much longer to access a string starting at a later position? It must be looping to get to the right starting position instead of just… Read More »String Functions Performance Considerations

Introducing LotusScriptorium

Andre Guirard. Some of you know me. I retired from HCL about a year ago to follow my own pursuits, including (under the pseudonym Tyler Tork) WordPress development, fiction writing (including a couple of books suitable for holiday gifts, in case you’re shopping), and tiny art. However, I still get questions about HCL Notes and requests for old sample applications, and I have some things to say about Notes application development that I think will be useful. So, this blog. If you have topics to request, or if you’re looking for a sample application that’s vanished from its former online home, use the contact form to ask. Thanks.